Eastern High Performance Catalysts

Exhaust system backpressure is a physical resistance that the cylinders in the engine must push against on the exhaust stroke. Reduce the backpressure and you’ll produce more power. Eastern High Performance Catalysts reduce backpressure by using bigger cells or more cells than standard converter catalysts (cells are the openings in the catalytic substrate that let gases flow through). Eastern Performance ceramic catalysts are available with 300 cells or 400 cells per square inch. Our full metallic foil catalysts have 200 cells per square inch, and their metal construction withstands extreme pressures and vibration that can crumble standard ceramic catalysts.

Eastern Performance: Full Metallic Foil Catalyst

To create Eastern’s high performance full metallic foil catalysts, high-strength, heat resistant corrugated foil is wound into a cylindrical shape. The cylinder is then wrapped with a layer of non-corrugated foil that is brazed to the cylinder to hold the cylindrical shape. The foil structure is then coated with our proprietary NANO catalytic washcoat. Our high-tech NANO washcoat enables us to meet OBD II requirements* despite larger cell size and reduced surface area.

The resulting structure has 200 cells per square inch compared to 400 cells per square inch for a typical OE converter. The fewer, larger cells provide much less backpressure and better flow resulting in better horsepower and torque.

The metal foil catalyst withstands extreme pressures and vibration that can crumble ceramic catalysts, and has no Interam™ matting to blow out under pressure from turbo charged and high horsepower engines.

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Dyno test results

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