Eastern Catalytic Safety Statement

The catalytic converters sold by Eastern Manufacturing, Inc. will not in their operation, function or malfunction, result in any unsafe condition endangering the motor vehicle, its occupants or persons or property in close proximity to the vehicle.

Installation Requirements

Installers of exempted new aftermarket catalytic converters shall adhere to the following requirements for proper installation.

  1. (A) The vehicle must be included in the vehicle application list for which the new aftermarket catalytic converter has been exempted;
  2. (B) The vehicle be more than 7 years old or has more than 70,000 miles on its odometer;
  3. (C) The vehicle is beyond the coverage of the OEM catalyst warranty period (which can vary from 7 years or 70,000 miles to as high as 15 years or 150,000 miles)*. Installers may reference the vehicle owner’s manual/warranty booklet or contact the vehicle manufacturer or its representative to verify the applicable OEM catalyst warranty;
  4. (D) The vehicle has a legitimate need for replacement of the existing converter that has been established and documented by the installer on the repair invoice. If the OEM converter is present, the installer must make a determination that it is not functioning properly before acting to replace it;
  5. (E) The exempted new aftermarket catalytic converter is installed in the same location as the OEM catalytic converter it is designed to replace. The front face of the installed catalytic converter shall be no more than three inches further upstream or downstream in the exhaust from where the front face of the OEM catalytic converter was located. The installation may not alter the location, position, or orientation of oxygen sensors upstream and downstream of the catalytic converter(s);
  6. (F) The exempted new aftermarket catalytic converter is installed on a one-for one catalytic converter (not substrate) basis;
  7. (G) The exempted new aftermarket catalytic converter is installed with all other required catalytic converters (no consolidation of catalytic converters, nor addition of extra catalytic converters is allowed); and
  8. (H) A warranty card has been filled out by the installer, signed by the customer, attached to the repair invoice, and a copy returned to the manufacturer.
  9. (I) Installers shall keep documentation regarding the installation of the new aftermarket catalytic converters including all of the above information. This documentation shall be made available to ARB or its representative as provided for in title 13, section 2222(b)(8). All such records shall be maintained for four years from the date of sale or installation of the catalytic converter.

* The actual manufacturer’s catalyst warranty period for an individual vehicle is listed in the vehicle’s owner’s manual and/or warranty booklet. Examples of current warranty periods include seven years and 70,000 miles, eight years and 80,000 miles, and 15 years and 150,000 miles, depending on the vehicle.