Our Capabilities

Our Capabilities

At Eastern, in addition to manufacturing, we’re able to conduct our own research and development as well as build our own tooling. We’ve developed our own proprietary catalytic chemistry formulations, and our products have earned over 100 certifications in 58 countries. We have been included in AASA’s Top 100 list of Aftermarket Suppliers, and in the past 10 years, we’ve exported over 1.5 million converters.

We continue to invest in state-of-the-art production equipment to ensure the highest quality for our customers. We manufacturer our own O2 sensor ports bosses and plugs on computerized numerically controlled (CNC), equipment, and we produce Direct-fit flanges using CNC plasma cutters to achieve exact OE fit. To ensure the best quality converter canisters, we maintain our own sheet metal manufacturing for shells, heat shields, end-caps, and connectors.

In addition to our Direct-fit and Universal converters for the aftermarket, we produce OEM converters for carmakers such as Kia and Fiat. We manufacture converters and converter components in the US, Canada, and Mexico and maintain sales offices in the US, Mexico, Egypt, and the UK.

At Eastern, we’ve built our business on superior products and the personalized service we give all of our customers, from the largest warehouse distributors to the smallest service retailer.

Ready for the future

Eastern is ready to meet new regulations that will come into effect in the coming years. Our newest generation, flexible-manufacturing equipment allows us to build new applications for the largest Diesels down to fractional horsepower lawnmower engines.

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