Eastern Expands CARB-Compliant Converter Coverage

Eastern CARB-Compliant Converters

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Combined direct-fit and universal converter lines feature coverage for over 60,000 domestic and import applications –

Langhorne, PA… The CARB Series program developed by Eastern Catalytic, a world-class manufacturer of catalytic converters and related components, offers some of the industry’s largest coverage of CARB-compliant converters in the aftermarket. The company has launched a substantial effort to meet the growing need for CARB converter applications and the impending demand that is expected when recently mandated CARB standards take effect in New York State.

Eastern continues to develop new applications and receives California Air Resource Board (CARB) Executive Orders for both OBD II and pre-OBD II direct-fit and universal converters. As a result of the overall CARB exceptions earned for its combined converter lines Eastern is able to provide coverage for over 60,000 domestic and import applications for cars, vans, light trucks and SUVs.

The recent adoption of CARB aftermarket emission standards by New York State and speculation that other states will follow show that the CARB standards are becoming a benchmark by which states will govern their emissions requirements,” notes Henry Hippert, Executive Sales Director of Eastern Catalytic. “A lot of R&D and vigorous testing is needed to make sure a new replacement converter meets the requirements needed for a CARB executive order. That’s why we have made a commitment to stay on the forefront of R&D so we can produce the converter applications our customers need.”

Beginning in 2014, New York will begin enforcement of its CARB standard. Currently, there are 14 other states, which require CARB compliance, but only for new vehicles. Hippert added, “We see the direction that this trend is heading and expect that in a short period of time, many states will begin to enforce the compliance in the replacement market. This is why Eastern will continue to invest its resources into staying on the cutting-edge of the industry.”

Eastern Manufacturing is one the industry’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of catalytic converters to both carmakers and the aftermarket, worldwide. World-class quality and innovation have helped Eastern establish strong catalytic converter sales in over 58 countries. Continual improvements in converter design, production, and product delivery systems have made Eastern a leading choice in catalytic converters and one of the fastest growing catalytic converter manufacturers in North America.

In its manufacturing facility, Eastern incorporates the latest advanced-manufacturing technology, including automated workstations, spinner welding equipment, and high-speed production lines, The facility also has its own tool and die department for developing new equipment and repairing or maintaining current production assets.

Today, Eastern can meet its customers’ catalytic converter needs with a full range of catalytic converters for universal, direct-fit, manifold, Diesel, and heavy-duty applications. From its flexible and efficient partner manufacturing facilities in the US, Canada, Mexico, and the UK, Eastern now provides over 3,000 different catalytic converter part numbers with ‘best-in-the-industry’ coverage for over 100,000 applications on cars, light trucks, vans, and SUVs.


For more information, contact: Henry Hippert, Executive Sales Director, Eastern Catalytic, 2201 Cabot Blvd. West, Langhorne, PA 19047 215-702-3600